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“The Stars Are Out Tonight!”




MAKE & TAKE ART: Rodda Center’s Kunath Art Studio 2n Flr (SITE #2G) 2-4pm: Make and Take an Aztec Star Feather Head Dress for the Dixieland Parade of Stars (Park your car at the Rodda Center and Shuttle Buses take you to the parade!)

THE DIXIELAND PARADE OF STARS: Stop and Stop Supermarket (SITE #1) 4:30-5pm: (Parade marches from Cedar Lane - up to the Rodda Center in Votee Park via Palisades Ave) Join in on the fun - line up by 4pm and grab a giant puppet or mask and march with Dr. Dubious’ Dixieland Band leading the way up to the Rodda Center with rousing jazz marches and New Orleans style Second Line Street Marches. Free cookies and coffee courtesy of Stop and Shop.

Doctor Dubious

OPENING CEREMONY “Watch the Stars Come Out”
Rodda Center’s Gym II (SITE #2A) 5pm-6pm:. Dr. Dubious’ Dixieland Band leads “The Parade of Stars” into The Rodda Center for a Chinese "Flying Saucers" & "Dance of Lights" Acrobatic Show, an African Drum Show and The Five Star Dance Company. The Chinese “Monkey King” (2004 is the Year of the Monkey!) with Chinese gongs and cymbals will lead participants into a Community Hora Dance led by Jim Gold and Tavim. Dedicated to Mr. Vivian Jack - Retiring TCAC Board Member - Master Puppeteer and Folk Artist.



EAST RIVER CHINESE PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE: Rodda Center’s Pre-school (SITE #2E) 6 pm: Hailing from NYC’s Chinatown, the EastRiver band with fiddle & wind, hammered dulcimer, classical lute, Chinese guitar and percussion presents festive music from the Han court style setting the stage for the Chinese trickster Monkey King in a classic Beijing Opera scene. Check them out at


Rodda Center’s Room A&B 2nd flr (SITE# 2 H) 6 and 7pm: A tradition at First Night Teaneck - always coming up with new and exciting activities for 2-5 year olds. This year your little ones become the stars in her Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars Show where kids get to display their own talents in traditional rhymes and songs. And of course, her show would never be complete without a kids size New Year's Eve Broadway Countdown!

BECOME A STAR IN YOUR OWN DIGITAL PHOTO SHOOT: Rodda Center’s Art Room (SITE #2D) 6-8pm: Digital Photographer Dena Florczyk takes photos of you, your family and friends at First Night wearing Aztec Star Feather Headdresses! ($5 suggested donation - proceeds go to First Night)

TEANECKOPOLY GAME ROOM: Rodda Center’s Norman Gym I (SITE #2B) 6-8pm: Become a piece of the giant game board - when you land on one of Teaneck’s landmarks you might get a prize, you might have to do something kooky, who knows! Hosted by Aaron Klein (Originator of Teaneck’s very own Monopoly Game). Signed copies available for $27 ($5 proceeds to First Night!)


Rodda Center’s MP 3
Room 2nd flr (SITE #2J) 6-10pm: Wondergy’s Centrifugal Circus –– Wonder what makes the stars and planets move? Experience circular motion in tasty and colorful ways with Wondergy. Make and eat your own Cosmic Cotton Candy, create Spin-Art, and make your own wacky orbits! To learn more about orbits, visit

THE PROGRESSIVE DANCE COMPANY: Rodda Center’s Gym II (SITE #2A) 6:30pm: Young dancers from ages eight to eighteen perform ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, theater dance, modern and funk jazz. First Night’s performance includes a dance with lit votive candles to tie into First Night Teaneck’s theme: “The Stars Are Out Tonight!”

Triple Play All-Stars

Rodda Center’s Dance Studio (SITE# 2F) 6:30pm. A stellar concert from the "Triple Play All-Stars" with lively and lovely songs, ranging through the Bluegrass, Old-Timey, Country, Cowboy, Folk and Popular traditions of the rich American musical heritage. Join Robbie Wedeen on vocals and her rousing guitar accompaniment, the dynamic Rich Rainey on the banjo; and Drew Smith, prize-winning autoharp player.

Doctor Dubious

Rodda Center’s Great Room 2nd flr (SITE#2I) 6:30 and 7:30pm
Join this 7 piece band with the rolling deep tones of the bass saxophone and the thrilling combination of two horns, trumpet and cornet for an evening of Blues, Struts, Stomps, Cakewalks, Charlestons and Swing.Traditional jazz tunes in the manner of Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke (2003 - his centennial year) Sidney Bechet, Jelly Roll Morton and King Oliver. Get your toes tapping for a rousing good time this New Year’s Eve.

COMMUNITY CABARET OF STARS: Rodda Center’s After School Area (SITE #2C) 6:30 and 8pm: A tradition at First Night Teaneck celebrating our local talent hosted by Comedian Micki Shilan (The Varicose Vixen) and winner of New Jersey’s Funniest Female Contest. You just never know who might be performing!


ROOSEVELT ANDRE CREDIT: Teaneck Public Library Downstairs Auditorium (SITE # 3) 7pm: Back by popular demand! Mr. Credit sings Gospels and Spirituals with his “This Little Light of Mine” Show especially for First Night!

MAKE AND TAKE ART: Kunath Art Studio 2nd Floor (SITE # 2G) 7-11pm: Make an Aztec Star Feather Fan or headdress and Paint your own face with Stars and Body Glitter.


5 STAR DANCE COMPANY: Rodda Center’s Gym II (SITE #2A) 7:30pm: Check out Teaneck’s own dance stars highlighting original choreography set to Tap/Ballet/Modern and African Dance with live African drumming.



TAVIM: Rodda Center’s Pre-school (SITE #2E) 7:30pm: A capella singing group.







STORIES UNDER THE STARS: Rodda Center’s Dance Studio (SITE # 2F) 7:30pm: Jack McKeon tells International Star Stories from Asia, Europe, Polynesia and America filled with comedy, romance, tragedy and mysticism.

COMEDY CLUB: Holy Name Hospital’s Marian Hall (SITE #4) (Behind the Hospital near the Emergency Room) 7:30 and 9:30pm: With Melvin George II - “The King of Smooth!” Tall, lean, bespectacled and armed with a braze sense of “Cool” Melvin has made appearances at Carnegie Hall, The Village Gate, Fox’s “Comic Strip Live” and “Caroline’s Comedy Hour” and has been seen in the films “Mo’ Better Blues” and “Meteor Man”. He’s also opened for Gladys Knight and the Pips, Roberta Flack, Patti LaBelle, The Four Tops and others and now he’s here in Teaneck at First Night opening up for the The Straight Up Blues Band. Check out his website at :

MOTHER GOOSE’S PLAYTIME: Rodda Center’s Room A&B 2nd floor (SITE# 2 H) 8pm: Little ones join in on the Mexican hat dance, Isreali Horah, Irish Jig, Native American Dancing, Japanese Cherry Blossom Dance, Chinee Dragon and Lion Dances, Kye Kye Kule African Song and Dance and a Hot Salsa Dance plus good old fashioned party games including Harry Potter's broom-balloon quiddich game.

Mark- Levy

SATIRICAL FOLK SINGER: Rodda Center’s Pre-school (SITE #2E): 8pm: Songs you thought you forgot, and others you wish you could... traditional Jewish songs and original satire with folk singer Mark Levy. Whether he's singing an old Yiddish lullaby or a new tune of his own, Mark delivers a song with such feeling and conviction that audiences around the world are mesmerized. His original compositions satirize social and political items in the news, presidential foibles, and world events. His often biting humor enables him to convey a serious message and make people laugh at the same time. Pete Seeger says of Mark, "...inspiring. I don't often hear someone with such a good voice and clear sense of direction." Check out his website at:

TEANECK COMMUNITY CHORUS: Teaneck Public Library Auditorium (SITE # 3) 8pm: Now in its 5th season, the chorus was founded with the purpose of representing diversity both in membership and repertoire. To celebrate "The Stars are Out Tonight," they will present Randall Thompson's setting of poems by Robert Frost, "Frostiana," with "The Road Not Taken," "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening," and "Choose Something Like a Star." Jazz repertoire will include "I'm Beginning to See the Light," "Stardust," and more!


STORIES UNDER THE STARS: Rodda Center’s Dance Studio (SITE # 2F) 8:30pm: Storyteller Veona Thomas tells stories about stars and heavenly bodies including the African- American Folktale “Follow the Drinking Gourd”.



STRAIGHT UP BLUES BAND: Holy Name Hospital’s Marian Hall (SITE #4) 8:30 and 10:30pm: The Straight Up Blues Band with Carlos Colina (Vocals/Harp), Leo Jordan (Vocals/Guitar),
Larry “Guitar” Graham (Bass), and Chris Reardon (Drums) offers Traditional and Contemporary Blues. As David Grogan, Blues “Across The Tracks” Music Director WFDU 89.1FM says:“Steeped in the traditions of Chicago and schooled in the "West Coast" sound, (they) swing with authority as one of the area's TOP bands!”


TEEN BAND ROOM: Rodda Center’s After School Area (SITE #2C) 9-10p
Chin Music, a First Night favorite, starts the night off with Teaneck residents Speedy Rueger, Kasey Grabe and Dmitri Rueger, getting the crowd going with hard classic rock tunes by artists such as AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and the Ramones. Chin Music has played to audiences at the Geronimo Hot Spot-Teaneck to the annual Beatlefest in Secaucus. Website address:

The rockin’ gets harder with Gone Postal. Listen to brothers John and Jake Ventimiglia (Teaneck) with friends Philip Apreda (Teaneck) and Ralph Dierberger (Oradell) play Punk/Metal music. GP has tested its sound at several Battle of the Bands contests and is ready to rock hard and heavy at First Night with original songs.


MUSIC AND STORIES UNDER THE STARS: Rodda Center’s Dance Studio (SITE # 2F) 9:30pm: In this time of deep darkness help us sing, chant and shout back the light with sun stories from around the world including the Mayan classic: “Musicians of the Sun” told by veteran storyteller Julie Della Torre.

KLEZTRAPHOBICS KLEZMER BAND & DANCING: Rodda Center’s Pre-school (SITE #2E) 9:30 and 10:30pm: This band is firmly entrenched in tradition, yet creates a fresh, vibrant expression while incorporating everything from Macedonian folk tunes to free improvisation. Join Psachya Septimus on accordion, Rich Melnikoff on percussion, Ron Caswell on tuba, Michael Cohen on clarinet, and Jordan Hirsch on trumpet.
Check ‘em out at International folk dancer and teacher, Jim Gold, gets everyone in on the action leading circle and line dances from Eastern Europe including the Zemer Atik, Tzadik Katamar, Mayim, Miserlou, and more. Check out their website at

RUFUS REID’S JAZZ ALL STAR QUINTET: Teaneck Public Library Downstairs Auditorium (SITE # 3) 9:30 and 10:30pm:. Jazz legend Rufus Reid presents a mixture of swinging jazz from the American Standards Songbook, Jazz standards and his original compositions with Freddie Hendrix on trumpet, Tom Christensen on sax, Allen Farnham on piano, Tim Horner on the drums and of course, Rufus Reid on the bass. All very talented - high profile jazz artists - all from Teaneck! Check out his website:


LATIN DANCE BAND AND DANCING Rodda Center’s Gym II (SITE #2A) 9:30 and 10:30pm: With the “Go-Go Gomez” Latin Dance Band made up of keyboards, flute, bass, guitar and three singers and Juan Carlos Gonzales from Center for Modern Dance getting everyone up and dancing.

Vivian Jack
Melvin Dean

CALYPSO AND REGGAE: Rodda Center’s Great Room 2nd flr. (SITE#2I) 9:30 and 10:30pm: The Melvin Dean Ensemble with Melvin on pan drums and vocals, Conroy Warren, from the Virgin Islands on guitar and vocals and Mr. Vivian Jack from Trinidad on congas plays Calypso and Reggae tunes that’ll get everyone up dancing. Check out their website at





RELAX AND READ STORIES UNDER THE STARS: Rodda Center’s Room A&B 2nd floor (SITE# 2 H): 9pm-12:15am. (All Ages) Relax on a mat and enchant yourself with any one of our books about Stars - courtesy of The Teaneck Public Library. (Teenagers may be on hand to read to the little ones - but parents MUST BE present!)

KAREN’S FITNESS CONNECTION HIP HOP DANCERS: Rodda Center’s After School Area (SITE #2C) 10pm: Choreographed by members of the Teaneck High School Dance Ensemble.

DJ DANCE PARTY: Rodda Center’s After School Area (SITE #2C) 10:30pm-12:15am
Join the Annual DJ Party with Kool Keith and Lynrik Live - Hip-Hop Dance workshops start off this teen party with free giveaways for every dancer!

MUSIC UNDER THE STARS: Rodda Center’s Dance Studio (SITE # 2F)10:30pm:
Juan Lazaro Mendolas from “Beyond the Mountain” plays traditional music of the Andes Mountain Region of South America including music from Peru and Bolivia. Instruments in this ensemble include the sikus, choquelas, kenas, charango, drum, flute and guitar. Check out their website at

MAYAN STAR PARADE with BEYOND THE MOUNTAIN: Rodda Center’s Dance Studio (SITE # 2F) 11:15pm:
Grab a giant mask, puppet or shaker and join in on the fun as this traditional Andean Music Band leads us through the Rodda Center and into Gym II to the Countdown to Midnight with the “Go-Go-Gomez” Latin Dance Band.


DJ DANCE PARTY: With Kool Keith and Lynrik Live: Rodda Center’s After School Area (SITE #2C)

LATIN DANCE BAND: Rodda Center’s Gym II (SITE #2A) With “Go-Go Gomez Latin Dance Band”, Giant Masks, Puppets and Free Giveaways!

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